March 06, 2024 /

Warren Controls, a manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products, highlights its Warren Controls ARIA actuator for its industry-leading ARIA Series of electrically actuated, modulating, globe control valves. The ARIA actuator is ideal for correcting commercial steam-fired water heaters that had previously been driven by oversized steam valves.

Since the ARIA actuator inherently has a 12-bit hall-effect feedback, the controllable linear resolution is already more than 2,000 parts per inch. This allows auto-recalibration of a prescribed shorter stroke to achieve the newly realized maximum valve flow coefficient (Max Cv) capacity for the actual demand. Three different shorter calibration strokes are available, including 10 millimeter (mm), 15 mm, and 20 mm. Users can now tightly dial in the required demand for a given installation. If more capacity is required, the valve can be easily recalibrated to its full stroke.

Once deployed, when the local water heater temperature controller is calling for 100 percent demand, it never opens the valve more than the designated calibrated stroke value, resulting in superior controllability.

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