Training Session 1: Control Valve Training

February 11, 2024 /


What Warren Controls Provides:
– Hotel Rooms at a Marriot Courtyard
– 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners
– Transportation from and to the Allentown Airport (ABE)

What is the Cost?
– For any similar class you might expect to pay as much as $2,000 just to attend the class, and you would be on the hook for your own accommodations.
– Your only cost is the airfare, to and from ABE airport if coming by air, or obvious car transportation cost if not.

Who Qualifies for this Training?
– These classes are for authorized Warren Controls reps & distributors or those wishing to participate in our sales channel & have been approved.

Outcomes you should expect:
– A fulfilling, educational and interactive experience with other valve sales professionals that leaves the attendee to have the confidence they need to approach engineers and top decision makers with detailed discussion on control valve projects.

What you will learn & experience from our qualified training staff with over 50 years of collective control valves experience:
* Understand what happens inside a control valve from a basic fluid mechanics point of view
* Learn & appreciate the differences between cavitation and flashing, how to be aware of the special flowing conditions, how to manage them and how to avoid them.
* Understand the difference between controlled and choked flowing conditions.
* Understand the ISA flow equations & do simple calculations to determine CV values
* Recognize severe service applications and have an appreciation for the methods of tackling the problems associated with such applications
* Identify the different types of control valves commonly in use and understand the relative advantages of each
* Choose between different flow characteristics that are offered for the needs of the application.
* Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different trim styles and associated seat leakage rates.
* Select materials for bodies, trims based on fluid/service compatibility and requirements.
* Learn of different Bearings, seals and packing materials that must be chosen and for temperature and fluid compatibility and how that might impact actuator selection.
* Select & size actuators for linear and rotary applications and know the relative advantages of pneumatic, vs electric types
* Understand the failure modes for control valves and review effective methods for logically progressing through troubleshooting problem applications after commissioning.
* Use a ValveWorks® valve sizing, selection & quotation program to assist with the selection of control valves, as a tool to manage the sale of your projects.
* Review of various markets and applications & selling strategies for success along with review of the competition and sales role play, giving attendees the confidence, they need to present the Warren Controls product offering most effectively.
* Factory tour, hands-on with valves and actuators for maintenance, commissioning & troubleshooting.

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