Type 326L & 322L

Type 326L & 322L

Lever Valve

A 377 Float Cage opens the 326L/322L Lever Valve to supply intake water to a tank. When the water reaches the desired level the Float Cage closes the Lever Valve to accurately maintain the liquid at the desired level. The 326L/322L combines a balanced, pilot operated, single seated Type 26/Type 22 globe valve with a rugged lever actuator.


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Bronze or stainless steel body
Stainless steel trim
TFE v-ring packing
epr o-ring
Cast iron lever actuator
Steel lever
Sizes 1/2ʺ through 2ʺ with NPT connections.

Cast iron body
Bronze trim with EPDM lip packing or stainless steel trim with TFE v-ring packing
Cast iron lever actuator
Steel lever
Sizes 1-1/2ʺ and 2ʺ with NPT connections
2-1/2ʺ and 3ʺ with 125FLG

Type 326L Lever Valve
Type 322L Lever Valve