HVBAC 2-Way Electric

HVBAC 2-Way Electric

ANSI 125/250, 1/2" - 10"

Two-Way valves available in three types; Single Seated Unbalanced, Single Seated Cylinder Balanced and Double Seated Semi-Balanced. The valves are available with Bronze or Cast Iron bodies and Bronze or Stainless Steel Trim. Flange ratings are either ANSI 125 or 250. Size range is 1/2 inch to 10 inch.

The actuators come in four series that accept either 2 – 10 Vdc or 4-20 mAdc as modulating input signals with a 2-10 Vdc feedback signal, for use with a 24 Vac/24 Vdc power source. Depending on actuator series, power failure will result in Fail-In-Place or Fail Open/Closed as provided w/internal capacitive storage or an external auxiliary power pack. (For 120 Vac electric actuation consider AmurAct or our other Industrial Control Valve products. Contact the factory.)

Industry leading range of valve sizes, pressure ratings, high shut-offs and accuracy of regulation. American made with pride for over 50 years.


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2-way single seated unbalanced
2-way single seated cylinder-balanced
2-way double seat semi-balanced