Warren Controls proudly introduces the Monitrol

Friday, January 16th, 2015
Warren Controls proudly introduces the Monitrol series of fluid control systems to manage flow, pressure and temperature control with precision sensors and innovative control algorithms. The system is comprised of an industrial grade electrically actuated modulating control valve, various process sensors and a dedicated controller with brilliant touchscreen display.

One variety includes two versions of Flow Metering Control Valves (FMCV’s); 1) the MON-DP model has two integrated pressure sensors in the control valve body and uses a differential pressure / variable orifice flow equation and, 2) the MON-FM model has an integral magnetic flow meter and flow straightening tube within the valve assembly. Either of these models are also availalble with a cascade control algorithm with temperature as the primary control variable and an optional feed forward input to bias for load demand changes.

A second variety is a series of Smart Regulators as part of the MON-RG series. Configured in several differing schemes, the MON-RG is either a smart pressure regulator, a smart back pressure regulator, a smart temperature regulator with remote sensor or a cascade controller with temperature as the primary control variable, pressure as the secondary variable and an optional feed forward input to bias for load demand changes. These will incorporate pressure sensors that are either local to the control valve body or remote and/or remote termperature sensors.

This all comes together with the Monitrol Controller in simple single loop or multi-variable control models. The large 7” capacitive touchscreen display interface uses common intuitive programming logic of selectable menus common on popular smart phones and tablets. The large dipsplay area has an easy to understand home screen. All components are industrial grade encased in a NEMA 4X enclosure w/ polycarbonate window that is lockable. Chocked full with a variety of control features, unique and proven control alrgorithms, Monitrol provides the right blend of ease of use, flexbility in platform, local operator feedback and ease of integration with Building Management Systems, PLC’s and DCS’s.

The Flow Metering Control Valve versions (FMCV’s) were designed specifically to be used as an advanced and improved version of Pressue Independent Control Valves (PICV’s). Providing greater accuracy, response time, absolute flow feedback to the Building Management System and ease of setting max flow. The advantages are obvious for when these feature sets are desired.
The Monitrol series of control valves and controls serves a variety District/Campus Energy, HVAC, Utility / General Service and Industrial applications.

Warren Controls continues to set the bar on new and innovative fluid control products. Come see Monitrol at Booth #3455, AHR Expo, Chicago 2015.
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