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Friday, October 4th, 2013
In May 2013 I was contacted by a civilian engineer at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. This engineer explained there were 56 valves (not Warren Controls) that were experiencing failures in a barrack complex. The service was 375ºF hot water at approximately 275 psi inlet. This engineer had already been exposed to the Warren Controls AmurAct valves located in another section of the base and suggested he would like to use these valves in this application. I then contacted Ted Fischl at Warren Controls and explained what the situation was. Ted agreed with my initial assessment that the AmurAct AMD Series was the logical choice based on the service conditions and description of the valves requested. I prepared a quotation for (56) AMD Series valves ranging from ½” through 2”. In coordination with my local St. Louis Warren Controls distributor, Wolseley Industrial, we were able to secure the order from Fort Leonard Wood for $164,882.40.
Warren Controls provided outstanding service throughout the entire process. Communication between all levels involved was paramount and Warren Controls handled it masterfully. Their professionalism, not just with this order, but in all cases reflects highly on all their representatives and distributors.

Thank you Warren Controls!
Chad Rowley; Midwest Automation Solutions
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