A Solution for the Mayo Clinic

Monday, February 3rd, 2014
Starting in 2010 a well known hospital (Mayo Clinic) presented Warren Controls with a challenge. They had grown tired of inefficient and costly maintenance demands from their outdated pneumatic control valve systems on virtually all heat exchangers. Using old sliding stem globe style control valves, they were experiencing excessive seat leakage as well as control errors aggravated by the use of 1/3, 2/3 control valve strategies. The Hospital was not only looking for something with tight shutoff, but also wanted solutions that would last longer than the typical 3-5 years they were currently experiencing. Actual maintenance schedules called for frequent readjustment and repairs.

Warren Controls offered a 3800 Rotary Globe Control valve with stainless steel trim, 100:1 turndown, then combined this with an ABB TZIDC pneumatic positioner resulting in precise control, as well as low air consumption – practically none in a steady state mode. Not only was the Mayo Clinic able to eliminate the need for 2 control valves, (1/3), (2/3), but were able to solve "leaking" issues. Air consumption was decreased to less than 1/20th historic usage, and increased their control accuracy (markedly less temperature excursions) . Consuming minimal air as well as conserving steam with tighter control are paramount features. Savings were also realized with less piping costs and essentially no continuing maintenance schedules required. Mayo Clinic is so pleased, they made this solution a campus wide specification, resulting in continuing orders for duplicate installations for steam, hot and cold water loops. Mayo Clinic management personnel are available as references for this advanced solution.
Skylar Rekstad, President
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